My work

  • Shindig! magazine
    Bespoke bi-monthly music magazine, now in its third year. I'm the associate editor, reviews editor and do most of the design and layout.
  • Rev-Ola
    Renowned record label specialising in the excavation and reissue of cult rock 'n' roll, exotica, sunshine pop and psychedelia from the '50s to the present day. I've designed dozens of their artworks over the last five years and coordinated releases with head honcho Joe Foster for the last three.
  • Tenth Planet/Wooden Hill
    Boutique record labels (Vinyl on Tenth Planet/CDs on Wooden Hill) run by the much-respected David Wells and dedicated to the rediscovery and reissue of British psychedelia, progressive rock, beat and pop music from the '60s and '70s. I've been privileged to do their design and artwork for the last two or three years.
  • Grapefruit/Cherry Tree
    Two recently launched record labels operating under the Cherry Red umbrella, also helmed by the unstoppable David Wells. Classic and rare British psychedelia on Grapefruit; folk and singer-songwriter sounds on Cherry Tree. I design pretty much all of them.

My music

  • Toffee Sunday Smash
    My internet radio show specialising in my beloved British '60s psychedelia, pop, beat, prog and folk. I managed 75 shows before I simply ran out of time in March 2009. But fear not my friends, it may return...
  • The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder
    A one-man recording/vanity project. Unable to find a satisfactory artistic outlet (it says here) with my various other musical endeavours I locked myself away and recorded this album, releasing it on my own label, Jack O' The Green, in early 2009.
  • Leonardo's Bicycle
    When I'm not busy with my family or any of the above/below you'll find me and my old pal Mike Poulson serenading the citizens of Somerset, armed only with a pair of old acoustic guitars and a whole heap of songs, old and new. We even managed to record an album last year but it's more likely you'll catch us knocking out Kinks and Monkees covers in pubs.
  • Bronco Bullfrog
    My old band. Mike, Louis and I blazed a trail of technicolour powerpop and heavy beat sounds between '96 and '04. The Spanish really dug it – we toured there often, had five albums out and even got on TV. Much missed by some mentalists. I have a job lot of the third album on vinyl if anyone wants one.
  • Little Bare Big Bear
    Ahh, the near-mythical psych-rock supergroup formed by Mojo, Andy and Richie from garage legends The Nuthins and myself over the course of many pints in various London boozers at the end of the millennium. We cut a single, played about three gigs and then vanished in a puff of smoke. One of my greatest achievements.
  • Magic Tractor
    My other band. Mike (again), Paul and I beat seven bells out of our favourite '60s mod sounds as punters look on bemused. A great laugh and even better therapy.

My people

  • Gitte's Project 365
    Follow my beautiful wife Gitte as she takes a photo every day for a year. Only four days old so catch it in its infancy.
  • Me
    My Facebook page. Find others from here.
  • Fancy
    A loose collective of artists, designers, photographers and cake addicts from Frome. They're so new their office doesn't have a light bulb yet.
  • The Furball
    Occasional magazine full of witty, affectionate and humanoid commentary on local art, music, food, people, shops, beer, canines etc. Indispensable if you live in Frome and worth a punt if you don't.
  • The Griffin
    What can I say? Frome's finest hostelry and so much more besides. Home to the best of the town's live music, social networking, quizzes, barbeques, DJ nights and Scrabble league. Not to mention the sparkling array of independently brewed real ales. My God, I could murder a Zig Zag right now...